Making Health & Safety Management Accessible to Everyone

We're talking Lives here. You are responsible for people's Lives and Livelihoods and when you can access Health and Safety help for No Cost or Low Cost, how can you not grab that with both hands?

I Can't Afford It

You can't afford Free?
We have Free Downloads, Template Documents, retained Competent Person Packages and Full Management. Everyone can afford Free.

What's Stopping You?

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I Employ Less Than 5

Tell the court that when you're being sued or prosecuted. How will you prove you "Thought About Safety" and had the best interests of your employees at heart?

Everyone Needs Documents as a Defence.

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I Want to Do It Myself

That's great! Do it right though, check out our Freebies page, our blog full of advice and our template documents, all written by Chartered Safety Managers.

There's No Need To Re-invent The Wheel

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I Don't Need Accreditations

You don't at the moment, but you will because Your Competitors have. The recession is over and competition is at an all time high again. The companies with a pro-active approach will be the ones to make the money.

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Health and Safety is not an option.

It’s a big responsibility and it can go horribly wrong if you don’t get it right.

We’re Not Traditional Health and Safety Managers.

We’re Practical

We’re Affordable

We’re Here to Help

If you want a straight to the point Health and Safety advisor to do the work for you, get in touch for a no-obligation proposal.  We’ll identify your liabilities and offer a plan of how to reduce the risk to you and your business.

Why not try us for 60 days?  

If you haven’t achieved what you needed to – we’ll give you your money back!

How many other safety advisors do that?

No Risk Health and Safety Management